Do Cats Love Anti-Tracking Cat Litter?

Yes, And Here’s Why

Many people wonder if cats love anti-tracking litter and why? The answer to that questions is most cats love anti-tracking cat litter, and there’s many reasons why. Before you purchase this type of cat litter, let’s discuss some of the top reasons:

Why Do Cats Love Anti-Tracking Cat Litters?

No Tracking

The first reason cats love anti-tracking cat litter is because they won’t leave tracks of cat litter across the surfaces they walk on. A lot of cats don’t like leaving traces of cat litter on the floors they walk on, and some cats are actually bothered by this when it happens. When a cat uses anti-tracking litter, they use it as they normally would and then they get out of the box like they usually would, but the difference is they won’t leave a mess afterward.

This also means less cleaning for cat owners.There’ll be no need to sweep up cat litter because it will remain inside the box. You and your cat will love how much cleaner this litter is to use.


The cat litter is also more comfortable for cats because there’s far less chance of the granules getting stuck in between their paws or sticking to their feet. A lot of the litter on the market can stick to a cat’s paws, and this can leave them feeling uncomfortable. It’s especially uncomfortable when the granules get right between paws.

Not only is it uncomfortable, but granules can be difficult to remove from between the paws. In turn, cats can find it hard to keep themselves clean. Cats love anti-tracking litter because it doesn’t stick to their feet and they can keep their paws clean much easier.

Odor Control

Anti-tracking litter is often odor-free or greatly reduces odor. This is another reason why cats and cat owners love the litter. A lot of cat litter on the market doesn’t do a good job at controlling odor, but this isn’t the case with most of the anti-tracking litter. Cats won’t be put off by their litter box, and you won’t have to worry about inhaling foul odors either.

It’s worth noting that a lot of cats don’t enjoy foul odors coming from their litter box. In fact, sometimes cats will refuse to use their litter boxes if the odor is overwhelming for them. This may lead to them going to the bathroom in other areas of the home.

No Clumping

Finally, cats love anti-tracking litter because it typically doesn’t clump. When litter clumps, it’s not nice for the cats to walk on or they may be tempted to avoid the litter box. Plus, non-clumping litter tends to be made with soft granules, and this makes using the litter box more comfortable for the cats.

Do you want cat litter that your cats will love, as well as litter that won’t stick to your cat’s paws and be tracked all over the place? If so, then you should buy anti-tracking cat litter. There are many kinds of anti-tracking cat litter, so it’s important to compare a few brands and types before choosing which one to get for your at.