Going hunting without the right gear is a big NO! Not only may you suffer extreme injuries to your feet, but you may begin to have a change of heart about hunting, not knowing it was entirely based on your wrong selection of boots.

There’s a big difference between the winter and summer hunting boots or that of any other season. In the winter, the cold weather is damaging to your feet, and even though it is considered the best time to hunt, a hunter has to stay protected always. When selecting your winter boots, there are several characteristics you must examine to ensure that you select the right choice. This is a very important step in your hunting process. Below are five of the best boots for the cold weather and their unique features. Afterwards, you should be able to tell a winter boot from a summer boot.

1. Rocky Men’s Sports Utility Pro Hunting Boots

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These boots are an excellent choice for hunters during the winter. The manufacturers of this boot created it, putting in mind the most essential needs of their customers- comfort and protection. This boot is highly insulated, generating adequate heat to warm up your feet during the cold weather. It is made of very strong leather and nylon which makes it very durable. Due to its waterproof nature, it is excellent for hunting in a variety of landscapes including muddy terrains and even in the snow. This boot weighing over six pounds and is about 10 inches in height is your perfect pick for a winter hunt.

2. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18”

The entire boot is made of leather covering. This is in place to keep your boots alive for several years without thinking of a change. These boots provide comfort due to the rubber compound that prevents any difficulty in wearing or pulling off. The shoes are highly waterproof and can be adjusted if it doesn’t fit, using the adjustable gussets. While your feet may suffocate in other types of boot, the Alphaburly keeps your feet very cool due to its neoprene liner. This effectively regulates the temperature inside your boots. For just $180, every hunter can have the Alphaburly pro in his closet and wear a great pair of boots whenever it’s time to hunt.

3. Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch Boots

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This footwear is considered one of the best due to its excellent hunting features. Every hunting footwear has a big problem of being too heavy, and every hunter hates when his boots are drawing him back or too heavy to carry. This gear was built in such a way that the sole causes the shoe to be much lighter than its counterparts. You can wear these boots to hunt in all kinds of terrain. They are waterproof and are built such that air can pass through (breathable), thus keeping the temperature in your boots perfect. These boots are very rugged and resistant to abrasion, which gives them their durability.

4. Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Monolithic Waterproof Boots

The extra layers of insulation make this an excellent choice for hunting in the winter. Due to the extreme cold, just a slight chill in your boots could result in bone and muscle stiffness, which will slow every hunter down. Your feet would feel perfect, leaving you with the same agility you started the hunting with. These boots have been regarded as the best to purchase when it comes to winter boots because they are very cheap. They are made of waterproof suede leather which makes them durable, and they have nylon uppers to ensure that your boots fit perfectly.

5. The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer

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When at temperatures below the freezing point (in extremely chilly conditions), the Adult FieldBlazer is as aggressive as the weather. It is able to withstand the most extreme temperatures due to its extra high 2400 gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation. They were built specifically for this purpose. The boots are waterproof, they are covered with suede leather possessing a breathable membrane, which maintains their durability.

Getting shoes for winter shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve noted the similarities in the properties of these shoes. One most important feature to consider when selecting your hunting shoes for winter is the insulation. Your shoes must have high insulation so that your legs don’t get stiff due to the cold. A stiff hunter will be seen and won’t get any catch.